Saturday, August 22, 2009


Winkie was in a great deal of pain when we arrived for our visit. He was moaning and shaking quite a bit, I had to ask for his pain medication and thankfully they brought it quite quickly. Within 1/2 hour Winston was much more comfortable and calm. Within an hour he was sleeping peacefully in my arms... soon I was napping too! I woke up here and there and would forget that we were in the hospital for a split second. Having the little bear snuggled up to me was so warm and comforting for us both. It was wonderful...

Update: still feels deep pain, took him outside with his sling and harness and he seemed happy to sniff around but we were unproductive in both departments. No tail waggin anymore (?), but apparently has not got worse. He is topped up on his meds and hopefully having restful puppy dreams right now. :-)

Winkie report: He's in there somewhere.

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