Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daschund Down - Calcified Disc in Back

Winkie Down! Winkie Down! I write this from Vancouver where Winston was rushed (4 hours from where we live) to be seen at a critical care hospital after his back legs gave out on him. This clinic has two Neurologists on staff and is truly the best place for him right now despite the lack of 'customer service'. More on that later...

It started about a week ago, I took him to the vet but his symptoms at the time let us to believe it was internal tummy problems, well, it turns out it is his back. My poor Bear!

Doxies are adorable, but cursed...with a long back - yup dog and a half long by just half a dog high!

Winston stopped being himself - you know... naughty, jumping on and off the couch, licking the floors, being generally needy just over a week ago (August 12th or 13th), he just kept to himself and even stopped getting excited about his food, in fact, one evening HE LEFT FOOD in his bowl. So an enormous amount of pain, an emergency visit, a misdiagnosis of colitis (he had diarrhea, and an extremely tight hard abdomen), another vet visit, xrays and blood work (came back just fine) and we determine we have a back problem! OK... I could handle that, I would just give him lots of rest. We gave him Metacam for the pain and inflammation (he seemed on the mend... almost a new dog on Thursday), then Friday morning, wobbly legs, and couldn't stand on his own, couldn't even go potty!!!!

So, that brings us to Saturday... we are waiting for word from the intern neurologist after she makes her rounds. We are heading out for a visit now.

Winkie report: Brave little soldier with rear end issues

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